Writing Prompt: A Romance

Prepare to be swept off your feet in a tale of passion and discovery. Dive deep into a world of hidden treasures, where every festival light reveals a secret and every dance step brings two souls closer together.

Build your story around characters driven by the desire for fame and glory, the thrill of adventure, and the passion to showcase their true selves.

Theme / Tone Joy, Extravagance, Secret
Plot Point #1 Hidden treasure
Plot Point #2 Festival of lights
Plot Point #3 A secret admirer
Character #1 Charismatic, Artist, Naive
Character #1 Background Guided, Craftmanship, Mentor
Character #1 motivation Fame and recognition
Character #1 Appearance Blunt, Headwear, Imposing
Character #2 Dancer, Traveler, Optimistic
Character #2 Background Humble, Faith, Zealot
Character #2 motivation Adventure, Passion, Showcase
Character #2 Appearance Lavish, Natural, Disheveled
Plot Twist Rivalry, Alliance, Mentor